• We strive for excellence, providing the human with energy, preserving nature and improving life on earth

JSC "Institute of Oil Transportation" (IOT, JSC) - one of the largest engineering companies providing  Design, Consulting and engineering support for facilities of transshipment, storage and distribution of crude oil and refined products in Ukraine and CIS.

The company performs works on the integrated design of new facilities, development, reconstruction and modernization of the existing facilities in the Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, develops and implements modern technologies that improve cost efficiency, reliability, safety for people and nature.

The Company’s activity is oriented to reach satisfaction of current and long-term interests of Consumers, Suppliers, Partners, Staff, Shareholders and Society as a whole by development of technically perfect and ecologically safe facilities possessing high efficiency, long service life and absolute reliability in operation.

In 2006, the organization became an honorary member of the UN Global Compact. "IOT", JSC voluntarily adheres 10 universal principles of GC in human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption.
Nowadays, “IOT”, JSC actively participates in development and implementation of a number of international programs and large-scale projects as well as it is an author of functional standards & regulations adopted in Ukraine and other countries.

The Company provides work package aimed at development, upgrading and improvement of existing facilities, tank farms and petroleum storage depots. Also, it develops and introduces modern technologies intended for increasing their economic efficiency, operating reliability & safety. By developing measures with a view to prevent contamination of soil, water, atmosphere with oil and petroleum products and by taking part in elimination of its consequences, “IOT”, JSC makes its contribution to the cause of environmental protection.