Republican Unitary Enterprise the Production Association "Belorusneft" is ready to start construction of the main pipeline Novopolotsk Fanipol in 2014


In 2014 Production Association "Belorusneft" plans to begin construction of the pipeline Novopolotsk - Fanipol upon design made by PJSC "Institute of Oil Transportation".

 IOT previously prepared a feasibility study of the main pipeline.
Currently, the project developer PJSC "Institute of Oil Transportation" completes the issuance of the necessary documentation ("Project " stage).
The aim of the project is to organize transportation of petroleum products  produced by "Naftan" JSC to Fanipol,  Minsk Region where storage tanks operated by "Belorusneft-Minskoblnefteprodukt" are located. This will allow refiners to supply Minsk region objects with gasoline and diesel oil products directly, abandoning their transport by road or rail, and reducing logistics costs.
Project implementation will be held in two stages. First launch complex includes wiring pipes from Novopolotsk to storage facilities in small agro town Krulevshchizna, Dokshitsky district, Vitebsk region. Work is expected to begin in the first quarter, and commissioning is supposed - by the end of 2014. In parallel will start the second stage of construction and laying transportation leg to the tank farm in Fanipol. The total pipeline length will be 270 km .It is expected that the new transport scheme will work in two years.

By 24.12.2013, and BELTA agency.